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Direct Action

The dramatic transformation required to stabilize the global climate happens as we adopt extraordinary means & methods of change-making. Direct Action combines the powerful tactic of non-violent civil disobedience with a purposeful kind of ingenuity. When employed with foremost discipline and aligned with soul-force, Direct Action brings accountability, responsive leadership and meaningful transformation to our community, our nation and our world.

  • CCLI organizes and leads annual & ongoing direct action projects (see many of our direct action projects featured below):

    7F Project ~ Boycotting Fossil Fuels 2022-23
    Walking 4 the Climate /Walking Four Directions
    Composting Pilot Project
    7F Project ~ Boycotting Fossil Fuels 2022-23
    2018/Ongoing - New Mexico Healthy Soil Initiative
    2017/Ongoing - Santa Fe C Change Project
    2016 & 2015 - Santa Fe Environmental Impact Fee & Community Dividend
    Coalition of New Mexico Businesses for Climate Leadership
    Santa Fe's Carbon Offset ~ Community Service Project
    2012 Lift the Fog
    2011 Cool the Climate
     2010 Lead Your Revolution Project and News
    2009 Conservation Quest
    2008 Drive for Sustainability
    2007 Water for the World

  • We develop and host Direct Action workshops/trainings with a clear focus on fostering US Climate Change Leadership.
  • CCLI supports and sponsors inspiring and well organized Direct Action campaigns, promotes them on-line and evaluates their performance for future reference. Direct Action Grant Application Grant Process and Guidelines

2023 Direct Action Seed Grant Award

New Mexico No False Solutions
For mobilizing a united grassroots and frontline community movement advocating for bold climate policies and solutions
- Award Letter

Past Direct Action Seed Grant Awards

Maia Hillock-Katz
For helping address the climate crisis by spearheading a school wide composting project.
- Award Letter
Kim Smith
for next level climate activism proudly standing up for Diné and other indigenous cultures through artistic resistance and uplifting community building.
- Award Letter
Dave Dubois, the state climatologist
for raising awareness about the climate crisis and emphasizing the public health benefits in store if we take a leadership role in addressing it.
- Award Letter
2019 - Protect Our Winters (POW)
for their excellent work integrating climate action to the great outdoors and the winter endeavors we all hold so dear.
- Award Letter
Climate X Change
for developing a local Carbon Fee & Dividend analysis (based on Senate Memorial 23) from which to pursue fitting carbon pricing legislation in New Mexico.
for advancing the movement for 100% renewable energy
- Award Letter
2016 - Citizens Climate Lobby
for striving to enact a nationwide revenue neutral carbon fee & dividend / the seed grant will support a local student leadership corps
- Award Letter
2015 - Global Warming Express
- Award Letter
2014 - Tejinder Ciano - Reunity Resources
- Award Letter
2013 - Elementary Students of Santa Fe Public Schools
- Award Letter 
2012 - Craig Beckman, CEO, MIOX Corporation
- Award Letter 
- Response Letter 
Students for a Sustainable Future
- Award Letter 
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