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Climate Courage Awards are given out once a year to humanitarians in the US in positions of significant corporate, governmental or civil society responsibility. who exhibit outstanding bravery and leadership on behalf of global climate stewardship. If for example, a CEO of a major corporation made a landmark decision to forgo short-term profits for the sake of being responsible about climate change -- this would be the kind of corporate bravery that we are seeking. If a mayor of a city set a new standard say to prohibit any or all municipal greenhouse gas emissions in light of cleaner, more responsible energy alternatives - this would be the kind of governmental leadership we are looking for.

There is no limit to the kinds of courage we can display in this country for the sake of asserting responsibility to future generations, and we are determined to publicize and reward these stellar acts.

2022 Climate Courage Award Winner

2022 - Yvon Chouinard

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Past Climate Courage Award Winners

2021 - Mr. Casey Harrell

- Read More  

2020 - Robert Pollin and Noam Chomsky

- Read More  

2019 - Aspen, Jonathon, Lilith & Sierra

to four outstanding youth for their leadership, community activism and hopeful dedication to addressing the climate crisis and for their stellar participation in the Sept 20 2019 Climate Strike

Aspen, Jonathon, Lilith & Sierra - Read More

2018 - Governor Jerry Brown

for outstanding leadership to restore the stability of our climate & in- integrity of our nation. A seed grant in his name goes to Under2 Coalition, working to prevent global temperatures from rising over two degrees Celsius.

Governor Jerry Brown - Read More

2017 - Mayor Javier Gonzales

for his commitment to climate leadership, the Verde Fund (helping alleviate poverty through sustainability) & EV solutions

Mayor Javier Gonzales - Read More

2016 - Senator Bernie Sanders

for his unwavering commitment to addressing climate change and supporting a carbon tax as a platform priority

Senator Bernie Sanders Award - Read More
- Response Letter 

2015 - Mariel Nanasi New Energy Economy

Mariel Nanasi Award - Read More  

2014 - Robert and William Nordhaus
(for their respective work regulating carbon dioxide under the clean air act and establishing carbon pricing as viable solutions to climate change)

Robert Nordhaus Award - Read More  
William Nordhaus Award - Read More  

2012 - Lisa P. Jackson
EPA Administrator

- Read More  
- Response Letter 

2011 - Bill McKibben
the New Energy Economy

- Read More  
- Response Letter 

2010 - John Fogarty
the New Energy Economy

- Read More  
2010 - Bruce Frederick
New Mexico Environmental Law Center

- Read More  
2009 - Suedeen Kelly
Commissioner of FERC from 2003-2009

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2008 - T. Boone Pickens
- Read More  PDF
2007 - Ben Luce
Director of the Coalition
for Clean and Affordable
Energy (CCAE)

- Read More
2006 - Thomas Friedman
Foregin Affairs Columnist
for the New York Times

- Read More  PDF
2005 - Danny Cruz
Mayor of Springer NM

- Read More  PDF
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  • We welcome and encourage nominations each year for those who are deserving of Climate Courage Awards;
  • Nominations must be submitted by December 21st;
  • You can send in a nomination by email (to:, mail (to: 911 Stagecoach Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87501) or fax (to: #505-988-3364);
  • We will announce the award winner(s) on March 21st of the new year.
  • The award will consist of a respectable financial prize, ceremonial prestige and media recognition, as well as the recipients' climate courage profiles being featured on our website;


In making your nomination please provide the following information (and please keep the total text of the nominations to under 2 pages):
  • The full name of the nominee;
  • His or her position of corporate or governmental authority;
  • What the nominee has done to deserve a Climate Courage Award;
  • The pressures the nominee has withstood to pursue a responsible course of action;
  • Interesting biographical information about the nominee;
  • References (preferably with names, email addresses or phone numbers) who can speak on the nominee's integrity, courage and impacts to the greater good;
  • Any other information you deem to be essential in the consideration process.
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