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Direction Action Grant Application

The purpose of the Direct Action Grant is both to encourage and enable organizations or individuals to effectively carry out bold and bright campaigns to advance US climate change leadership. In your application please get to the heart of the matter and answer succinctly (application length should be 2 pages or less).

Download MS Word Version Direction Action Grant Application.doc)


Proposal (describe your proposed direct action campaign with attention to your
objectives and means)

Why are you committed to this cause and capable of leading a successful
direct action campaign

How will you use the direct action grant funds

How will you evaluate the impact of winning the grant award and the effectiveness
of your direct action campaign

Who are your references that can attest to your integrity and commitment
(in addition to reasons for listing your references, please provide their names,
numbers and email addresses)

Is there anything else you want us to know about you or the merits of your proposal

*Please email, mail or fax your application to us by June 21st and bear in mind that you will be notified by September 21st.

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