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Conservation is essential to the solution of climate change and to the advancement of the common good.

  • CCLI is a co-founder and collaborator of the New Mexico Healthy Soil Working Group encouraging conservation and regenerative agriculture.

    New Mexico Healthy Soil Initiattive
  • CCLI organized the Conservation Quest project to emphasize the important interplay and synergy between energy use, water and climate stability.
    The Conservation Quest
  • We continue to focus on the energy~water~climate nexus and encourage personal and collective conservation leadership: Discover 10 Ways to Conserve Energy & Water At Once    Cultivate the 10 Cs of Conservation Character
  • CCLI gives out annual conservation leadership seed grant awards (see the past recipients below):

2023 CCLI Conservation Award Ernest and Edwina Diswood for their original vision of regenerative agriculture and their dedication to conservation at the Rough Stone Ranch in Navajo Nation

- Recipient Response Letter 

2022 CCLI Conservation Award - William deBuys for raising awareness of the primacy of nature through writing and action

2021 CCLI Conservation Award - The Santa Fe Seamstress Design Center

2020 CCLI Conservation Award - Tammy Fiebelkorn for advancing energy savings in the Southwest.

2019 CCLI Conservation Award - to Reunity Farm for their outstanding endeavors to engage the community and re-invigorate the land with regenerative agriculture.

2018 Conservation Award - NM Healthy Soil Initiative supporting NM ranchers, farmers and other land managers in the pursuit of healthy soil (which can lower agriculture related greenhouse gas emissions and serve as a powerful carbon sink while retaining water, improving productivity and providing wealth of other benefits. Learn more about this initiative here).

2017 Quest Champion - Bobby Kennedy Jr. for longstanding environmental stewardship & the establishment of the Rio Grande WaterKeepers (C/O WildEarth Guardians)

2016 Quest Champion - Mitch Varela for his commitment to walking in our local community / the seed grant will support walkability in Santa Fe

The 2015 Conservation Quest Champion
David Berkeley for regularly biking his kids to school

2014 Quest Champion - Dr. Jeri Sullivan Graham with LANL for her work advancing the energy & water nexus

The 2013 Conservation Quest Champion

The 2012 Conservation Quest Champion

The 2011 Conservation Quest Champion

The 2010 Conservation Quest Champion

2009 Champions and their Pathways of Conservation

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