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A bright and hopeful day is dawning when we make the conversion from the fossil fuel energy economy of centuries past to a 21st Century economy built on sustainability, efficiency, renewable energy and integrity. This new economy will not only grow soundly but it will also be replete with quality jobs that our local community and all of America can be proud of. What's required is thinking differently, breaking the conventional mold and starting something new and meaningful.

  • CCLI collaborates as a partner in endeavors embodying community ingenuity, corporate responsibility & climate stewardship;
  • CCLI encourages local business leadership. Be a local business leader and join the Coalition of NM Businesses for Climate Leadership Pledge

NM Business Coalition for Climate Leadership

2020 CCLI Innovation Grant Award

Thomas Bowles with NAIMI
for spearheading the Roadmap for a clean energy future and building a robust network of partnerships throughout New Mexico behind the collective goal of advancing a sustainable economy.
- Award Letter 

Past CCLI Innovation Grant Awards

Renewable Taos, Inc.
for excellence in renewable energy, electric transportation and sustainability advancement for Northern New Mexico.
- Award Letter 
Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce
for supporting the local advancement toward electric vehicles ∓ renewable energy only charging.
Quivira Coalition
for developing restorative agriculture & soil based carbon sequestration
- Award Letter 
Andrea Polli
for creatively integrating art, technology, science & environmentalism
- Award Letter 
Santa Fe High School & Capital High School Student Innovation Seed Grant Award - awarded by CCLI in partnership with the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce
Odes Armijo-Caster
Sacred Power Corporation
- Award Letter 
2013 - Robert Hockaday
of Energy Related Devices
- Award Letter 
2012 - Tom Bowles
For its effort developing the Green Grid Initiative
- Award Letter 
2011 - Jemez Pueblo
For its remarkable renewable energy and sustainability efforts
- Award Letter 
2010 - Noah Kwicklis (15 years old )
For his solar water desalinator invention and his Masters level engineering studies

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