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The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI)

On-going Project Called

The Conservation Quest

The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) ongoing Project concentrates on the conservation of energy, water and the principles we hold dear in America. Causing climate change, shrinking the water supply and using unsustainable energy is a vicious cycle that puts the word in peril and our nation in shame. But there is no time to waste placing blame: we must act now to marshal courageous solutions. Conservation offers a primary way to break this harmful cycle and create a more secure and better life for all. We the people of this promising land and brave experiment of Democracy in America can lead thru conservation. The Conservation Quest is meant to help encourage us to be the problem solving pioneers we are meant to be. This project involves coming up with ideas and acting on them and most of all it involves you. Come learn more about it here @, come join the quest to save what is precious in this world, come forth and do not be shy,

come my friends it is not too late to seek a newer world...

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