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Truly solving the interlocked challenges of unsustainable energy use, dwindling fresh water supplies and climate pollution requires us not only to marshal unprecedented innovation and clean technology but also to marshal the courage to change behavior and conserve like no tomorrow. The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI), a small New Mexico based non-profit, is calling for integrated solutions to these integrated problems. In the spirit of spurring on imaginative change, restoration and most dedicated conservation (versus the status quo pollution and wastefulness plaguing our economy and earth) CCLI is making The Conservation Qwest an on-going incentive program providing participants every year a chance to earn up to $1,000 Conservation Champions Prize.

Each year, we invite any individual, family, school or small business in America to register at and participate in The Conservation Qwest. This is an adventurous challenge to come up with your own integrated ways – pathways – for changing behavior and coming up with your solutions that foster energy and water conservation at once. Beyond our 10 general recommendations, we don’t dictate what you do or how you do it. Rather, we call on you to provide us (and the world) your best commitment to water & energy saving through ideas, actions, character lessons learned and results.

Anytime throughout each year before October 1st each year participants must submit their Conservation Pathways to These Pathways are your stories (one page or less) that include your water~energy saving ideas, how you have acted on your ideas in your daily life, household, school and/or workplace and what you have learned (and what we can learn) from your experience. In evaluating these Pathways, we will place a premium on the originality of the plan, the results (verifiable improvement in energy and water bills, achievement testimonials, any other proof of performance you see fit to provide) and your journey’s displays of any or all of the 10 C’s of
onservation Character: Creativity, Commitment, Community Spirit, Courage in adversity,
Common Cause and Change in Consciousness & behavior from the experience.

The CCLI team (made up of the Director, Student-interns and Board Members) will review your Pathways and determine who are the on-going Conservation Champions. The Champions will receive up $1,000 leadership prize, and there will be at least a Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Awarded with financial appreciation prizes each year. The more sponsors join with us, the greater the prizes and/or the more prizes there will be. All who register and participate by submitting a Pathway will qualify for a ticket for CCLI’s annual raffle held before Thanksgiving (Past Raffle Prizes have included a brand new Toyota Prius, a New Belgium Bike, an Old Town Canoe, a local energy saving vacation to Encantado Resort and Spa, a $3000 gift certificate from Positive Energy for a solar pv installation; Dahl Plumping water saving devices and much more). And finally, your pathways (at least in part) will be broadcast from our website for all to see and hopefully be inspired by…

Using your heart as a compass, imagination as your guide and life force as your commitment: Godspeed our Conservation Quest!


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