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imageThe Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) is a New Mexico based non-profit organization dedicated to transforming America around sustainability, pollution-free energy and conservation. Among a number of change-making endeavors, CCLI leads educational and direct action oriented workshops for primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, civic groups and other associations in civil society. These Stewardship Workshops focus on the great challenge and opportunity today of addressing our harmful pattern of pollution, adopting a fusion of conservation, sustainability and innovation (CSI) in its place and responsibly restoring a sacred trust with future generations.

There are three leading workshops that we give. The most present workshop is called Lead Your Revolution. Noting Thomas Jefferson’s remark that “Every generation needs their revolution,” we draw on the history of bottom-up change-making in this country from the Boston Tea Party, through anti-slavery and civil rights to the Silent Spring. We call on participants to lead a present day charge for sustainability and pollution-free energy by: FIRST initiating and following through with their very own change-making endeavor; SECOND creatively making their change known on an equivalent to a Facebook page for action, thereby linking the digital age to a new era of responsibility; and THIRD sharing it with and passing it on to others for them to do their part in the great ripple effect – generating what will be the cleanest revolution in history. 

The 2nd workshop is called The Conservation Quest: Saving Energy, Water and America all at once. This workshop addresses the interlocking problems of climate change, unsustainable energy use and shrinking fresh water supply and features the all-encompassing conservation solution. All together this workshop unearths often unseen facts, figures and forces involved in these pollution interplays, points to stewardship actions we all can take to save water and energy at once, unveils the 10 C’s of Conservation Character to which we all can aspire and presents the conservation challenge of our time.

CCLI’s original workshop is called A Stewardship Responsibility: Taking Care of our Democracy and the Planet. The workshop lays out our compelling National interests in addressing human induced climate change, traces the history of our epic sacrifices and democratic triumphs over similar kinds of serious adversity, provides a Power Pledge of tangible steps from a to z that we all can take to enlist in the Clean Energy Revolution and concludes with ways people can ally with the Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) to enact vital change.

Background of the Presenter & CCLI Director

Robb Hirsch, the stewardship workshop presenter in tandem with our annual student interns, is the founder and executive director of the Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI), a non profit 501(c)3 organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Robb earned a BA in environmental policy from Harvard University and as a Fulbright Scholar earned an MA in sustainable development from New Zealand’s Otago University. He worked for the US Department of State Oceans, Environment and Science (OES) Bureau focused on the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Biodiversity Treaty. Presently, along with this Institute, Robb runs a New Mexico wind energy business and consults for one of the nation’s leading renewable energy companies – all together helping to advance a clean energy revolution in America.

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