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  1. Act now to stop human-induced climate change – the pollution which is jeopardizing our fresh water supplies & very survival;
  2. Say NO to non-CO2 captured coal, NO to all energy intensive, greenhouse gas emitting & water exorbitant power production;
  3. Say YES to clean~efficient power & sustainable agriculture, YES to wind, solar, plug-in hybrid, cellulosic ethanol & waste power;
  4. Incentivize water saving (ban don’t use it you lose it water laws). Incentivize energy saving (make our utilities reward conservation);
  5. Do the basics: take shorter showers out of common courtesy; turn off the faucets & turn down the hot water heater…;
  6. Install water & energy saving appliances & technologies in your home including a solar hot water heater…;
  7. Minimize washer & dryer use (wash less, line-dry more) moderate dishwasher & air-conditioning use…;
  8. Ultimately demand a smart grid / network with your energy & water utility to streamline, conserve & promote renewables;
  9. Grow more financially responsible and ecologically respectful by consuming less wasteful products, saving more earned & natural resources & being more efficient at home & in the workplace;
  10. Invent and implement your own integrated pathways of energy & water conservation
    The Conservation Quest today).

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