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A key aspect of the CCLI’s Conservation Quest goes beyond education and awareness and into the realm of integrity based leadership and character building – without which we will not act wisely and cannot change thoroughly. We encourage everyone generally and all Quest participants specifically to incorporate these principles respectively into your lives and pathways of energy and water conservation.

#1C/CC~CONSERVATION = using or managing natural resources wisely, saving, preventing loss, raising life-force;

#2C/CC~CHARACTER = a moral, ethical compass; qualities of honesty fortitude and integrity; doing what is right over what is expedient;

#3C/CC~CONSCIOUSNESS = the thoughts & feelings collectively of an individual or of a people; awareness of something for what it is;

#4C/CC~COMMITMENT = the act of committing, pledging or engaging oneself; “being the change we wish to see in the world;”

#5C/CC~CREATIVITY = the power of imagination, originality of thought, ingenuity and the ability to brighten the world;

#6C/CC~COMMUNITY = a collective group often with shared cultural heritage; an assemblage of plant and animal and human populations occupying a given area;

#7C/CC~COURAGE = the quality of mind and spirit that enables a person to face difficulty and pain without fear; bravery;

#8C/CC~CAUSE = a principle, ideal or goal; a person that acts or a thing that occurs to produce a specific result; a ground of legal action;

#9C/CC~COMMON = universal and familiar; Common Courtesy (thinking of others ~ a considerate act ~ growing more respectful); The Commons (the air, water and open space that belongs to us all); acting united in Common Cause (shared purpose);

#10C/CC~CHANGE = transforming ourselves; nothing else really matters.

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