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Pollution Sites (related to the Fossil Fuel Industry)
& Solution Sites

The National Academies
This institution and site unequivocally demonstrates the Hidden Costs of Pollution from the fossil fuel industry.

Children Are Likely to Suffer Most from Our Fossil Fuel Addiction
This link shows why children are in the greatest risk category of serious health impacts from fossil fuel combustion and the array of pollutants emitted from this old and still predominate energy industry.

Pollution Issues
Very useful site that outlines many different types of pollution and provides links to more information on each.

This site reveals the widespread pollution from oil and gas industry

New Energy Alternative
This site provides information on pollution and clean energy alternatives with links to sites with more information on the topic

Group Against Smog & Pollution
provides information on air pollution as a result of fossil fuel use and provides action plans.

Coal is Dirty
A joint project from Greenpeace, the DeSmog project and Rainforest Action Network providing information about pollution from coal use.

This is Reality
This site provides information on coal use as well as actions and solutions to the associated pollution problems.

STOP Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
This site reveals the ugliness of coal related mountain top removal and is dedicated to stopping it.

Stop Mercury Pollution
Provides facts on mercury pollution as well as associated health effects. Also provides actions that can be taken to end this problem.

Mercury Poisoning News
Focuses on the health effects of mercury exposure.

UP3 Project
A site dedicated to stopping water pollution from urban pesticide use. Contains many facts on pesticides and on their harmfulness.

Beyond Pesticides
National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides. Provides information on pesticide uses and abuses in America as well as related health concerns.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions features the problems of Fossil Fuels and Clean Energy Solutions

Fuel From the Sun
This site compares the downfalls of fossil fuels with the benefits of Solar Energy

Young People’s Trust for the Environment
A site that aims to educate youth on environmental issues as well as give them a voice in the fight for a cleaner future.

A non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment. Provides information on many different types of pollution and solutions to these problems.

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