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2007 Ben Luce

May 16, 2007

Ben Luce, Director
Coalition for Clean and Affordable Energy (CCAE)
802 Early Street.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Dear Ben:

We are writing to congratulate you on being selected for the 2007 Climate Courage Award. The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI), which is a New Mexico non-profit organization, annually gives out an award to someone who is making a meaningful difference in the quest for energy stewardship and climate restoration. The first year of the organization in 2005, the Mayor from Springer, NM was awarded the prize for standing up against oil drilling at the Valle Vidal. In 2006 Thomas Friedman, the foreign affairs correspondent for the New York Times, was awarded the Climate Courage Award for his longstanding call for “climate statesmanship” – compelling us to do right in the world and at home by transforming our economy and national security away from a harmful dependence on oil.

You have been selected this year because of your tireless advocacy advancing renewable energy in New Mexico. CCLI is particularly impressed with your dedication to the cause: seeing as how for decades you have been pushing for solar energy and other renewables well before it has become popular to do so. A major reason why alternative energy is becoming a mainstream idea in the state of New Mexico is because of your efforts in conjunction with the Coalition for Clean and Affordable Energy. You have been doing a remarkable public service by mobilizing broad public support as well as persistently and effectively pressuring lawmakers to make intelligent choices as far as energy policies are concerned. You are at the center and forefront of the major progress being made in New Mexico in this field. Therefore, for helping New Mexico set a strong example of renewable energy stewardship in our nation, a nation which so desperately needs to wake up to the gravity and tremendous opportunity posed by this issue, we present to you the 2007 Climate Courage Award. The award comes with a plaque and a $500 financial award, which we ask that you consider using at least a portion of in support of a relevant charity or cause of your choosing. We would also appreciate it if you could provide us with a succinct personal statement on your view of the need for US climate change leadership as well as notification of the charity or cause(s) you intend to support so we can post this information on our website, which is Congratulations and keep up the stellar work!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Robb Hirsch
Executive Director
Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI)

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May 20 2007

Robb Hirsch
Executive Director
Climate Change Leadership Institute
911 Stagecoach Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Dear Robb,

You really surprised me the other day! Thank you so much for the recognition. It comes at a good time, as there are many complicated and difficult things happening in energy policy circles right now, as I mentioned at the end of our conversation.

I am honored by the CCLI Climate Change 2007 Award, and accept it on behalf of all the people in the New Mexico Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy who have worked so hard over the years, often with little visibility or recognition, to bring about policies that support the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency. I will ask that the award funds be used by the CCAE to support some of the other advocates in our network, as we are running short of the funding we need to adequately address all of the challenges we still face with clean energy in New Mexico.

Most Sincerely,

Ben Luce
Coalition for Clean and Affordable Energy (CCAE)

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