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Power Pledge

A-Z Ways to Enlist in the Clean Energy Revolution

Given that our society’s exorbitant energy consumption and unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels is resulting in profound pollution, posing a grave threat to the well being of our planet and putting in jeopardy our own children’s and all nations’ inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:

We are summoned now and duty bound to shake off these harmful habits of our Nation and provide a brave new era of conservation and energy stewardship in their place. Making a full-scale commitment to clean, efficient and renewable power will not only bolster our national security, prosperity and health, and redeem a deep-rooted belief in justice for all, but will also help replenish the Earth’s life sustaining capacity - which otherwise has become endangered by humankind’s excesses.

Given that our federal government has failed to act boldly on this vital matter (because elected representatives have cowered to the influences of maligned special interests), we the people of the United States take it upon ourselves to be leaders in our daily lives, galvanize a transcendental change of energy use and ascend the arc of responsibility to future generations. Hence, with faith that the force of our collective deeds will be a beacon of light to our promising Nation,

We hereby solemnly pledge to:

  1. Lead as consumers by supporting responsible and sustainable businesses and products;
  2. Hold irresponsible companies like Exxon Mobil accountable by boycotting them;
  3. Purchase the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road, drive less & drive the speed limit;
  4. Fuel up with a purpose using available alternatives such as biodiesels, bio-fuels, vegetable oil, etc.;
  5. Consume less - fossil fuel fast more
  6. Lobby our government to pass a carbon tax & meaningfully reduce our own carbon footprint;
  7. Hold politicians accountable by making energy stewardship paramount in the voting booth;
  8. Actively resist new coal plants and demand that all existing coal plants sequester CO2 emissions;
  9. Mandate a far-reaching fuel efficiency standard & National Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard;
  10. Press the US, states, cities and towns to become independent from fossil fuels and start by getting 25% of their energy from wind farms;
  11. Conserve energy use by flying;
  12. Turn off or down lights/appliances, dim computers, moderate laundry machine, dryer & dishwasher use;
  13. Turn off or down the heating system and air conditioning to the extent that is respectful;
  14. Re-use and recycle plastics, aluminum, glass, newspapers, and other items as much as possible,;
  15. Install solar hot water heating systems and, if possible, photo-voltaic panels;
  16. Utilize sustainable building, passive solar, more insulation & work from home instead of commuting;
  17. Plant trees and save the rain forests (the 2 leading climatechange culprits are coal burning & deforestation);
  18. Minimize paper use (unsubscribe all mail catalogues and shop locally if necessary);
  19. Become more efficient by installing light emitting diodes (LEDs) & energy star appliances;
  20. Insist on electric cars, plugin hybrid innovation, switch grass/cellulosic ethanol, renewably produced hydrogen fuel cells;
  21. Car pool and use public transportation;
  22. Choose biodegradable packaging and limit purchases of plastic (which is made of fossil fuels);
  23. Get healthy by walking up steps instead of using an elevator, eating less fried food & biking to work;
  24. Grow a garden, buy local, organic fruits and vegetables;
  25. Spend less time watching TV & more time in the great outdoors,;
  26. and always remember to…

  27. Use the power of imagination for further ways to end fossil fuel pollution, re-energize our democracy and change the world. Google: “YouTube John Lennon Imagine",
Help the planet by consuming less
Elect clean energy candidates and vote out fossil fuel incumbents Power your home, your town and city with renewable energy
Resist new coal plants and outlaw the C02 emissions of old plants.
Bike to work

Click Here Take the Power Pledge and Enlist in the Stewardship America Movement (SAM) for pollution-free energy

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