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The Process & Purpose of the
CCLI Justice Seed Grant

The Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) is giving out a Justice Seed Grant in 2009 (the inaugural award) and every year going forward. The purpose of this is to recognize and make amends for the fact that indigenous peoples, families and other human and wildlife communities around the less developed and poorer regions of the world are being unduly affected by the severity of human-induced climate change which is caused predominantly by the most developed world. The United States, as the highest historical per capita emitter of greenhouse gases of any nation, has a responsibility to actively seek compensation and restitution for the peoples and wildlife communities that have been irrevocably harmed by our climate pollution.

For the sake of human dignity and justice for all and in the spirit of reconciliation, the Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) wishes to provide a gesture of good will to those unduly affected by the U.S. driven climate pollution.

Anyone may make a recommendation for our selection process. Please e-mail your nomination to of a person, a family or a community in the world that has been noticeably harmed by climate change and who could definitely stand to benefit from a sustainability gift or donation amounting to between $100-$1,000 dollars. Please provide a compelling justification for your nomination as well as secure contact information and/or credible mailing instructions for us to reach the nominee.

CCLI will do our own research on the matter and make a fair determination of what would be an annual gesture that could be helpful, at-least symbolically, in addressing our growing concern regarding the need for human-induced climate change restitution. Beyond making CCLI Justice Seed Grants to immediate persons, families and communities in the undeveloped world, Sustainability Gifts/Donations may also be presented to select people that could help in the preservation of otherwise vulnerable wildlife including endangered species and threatened rain forest habitat as well as to a credible NGO with direct links to a person, family or community that has been unduly affected.

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