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Santa Fe Environmental Impact Fee

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Community Empowerment Initiative

PETITION the city and county of Santa Fe to adopt a reasonable environmental impact fee to support green community empowerment initiatives, PLEDGE your support in advance of government action, GET INVOLVED:

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  1. If you sign up for this endeavor CCLI may invite you to volunteer in the demonstration projects including helping with community gardening in association with local homeless shelters.
  2. Help sign up others in support of this Santa Fe Environmental Impact Initiative (share the project link or print out the following petition, add new participants, scan & email back to Download a printable petition (PDF)

    use your social media to HELP THIS ENDEAVOR SUCCEED

  3. Take Action to Lower Your Environmental Impact & Empower the Community. Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  4. Use the comment field above to offer general feedback & specific recommendations about a voluntary or Santa Fe wide environmental impact fee. A fee could be quantified based on any number of negative externalities including our per capita greenhouse gas emissions factored by (our community's determination of) the social cost of carbon dioxide. Boulder has a carbon tax that currently equates to about $25/yr for residents and $100/yr for businesses. We could implement a fee in this range with a sliding scale based on property tax values. The fee can start out modest and graduate in time to help phase out emissions and advance to a more sustainable economy. We welcome your input.

For more information contact the Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI) / 505-988-3364

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